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My Kinesiology Story

My Kinesiology story


Through adversity, I discovered Kinesiology. My son became extremely ill. Over a very short period of time, he was rushed into hospital a number of times. Unfortunately, none of the tests that they did showed any results.

The last time he was rushed into hospital was in 2008, they told me they would have to remove his bowel and he would need to live with a colostomy bag. As you can imagine I felt that it was a really hard decision to make on the spot. The next decision I was about to make was going to affect my son for the rest of his life.

Lucky for me, I was open minded to finding a different route as I couldn't get my head around what the doctors were telling me. I was given life changing advice. I contacted Claire Muller from TASK and took my son for his first appointment and was extremely surprised.

I was told my son had a wheat intolerance, which was causing all of his problems. They recommended the nutrition that had come up for him which had changed him into a completely different boy overnight. I was overwhelmed at the results and elated. I was incredibly surprised that we can take complete control over our own bodies and minds. How could I not study this amazing skill that could make such a difference to so many people's lives?

My daughter also has an extremely bad allergy to nuts and suffers from anaphylactic shock. I haven’t used an Epi- Pen since the moment I found Kinesiology. Instead she uses nutrition which reverses the effects internally.