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Salt Therapy

Halo Heaven Salt Therapy

Salt therapy is totally natural and drug free way to treat conditions of the skin and respiratory system such as:



Long acute disease of upper airways



Chronic disease of the airways



Tonsillitis or inflammation of the tonsils



frequent viral infections




Cystic Fibrosis



Dry Flaky Skin


chronic stress and fatigue

Common Cold


Ear Infection


Smokers Cough

Skin Aging

Salt therapy is not recommended for patients with: Individuals with serious health conditions and pregnant women should seek medical advice from their physician. In addition please seek advice if the following apply to you:

  • Infections associated with a fever
  • Contagious diseases
  • Respiratory system cancers
  • Tuberculosis
  • Cardiac disease patients
  • Acute respiratory disease
  • Severe hypertension
  • Chronic obstructive lung diseases

Halo therapy cleans the respiration system which naturally results in higher oxygen intake. Other benefits include: Improved sleep, Reduction in snoring, Increase in sport performance, Excelerated sin repair, stimulates hair and nail growth.

Salt therapy is totally safe for children and animals.

History of Salt Therapy

Salt therapy (also known as Halotherapy) is growing in popularity all across the globe as more and more people experience the benefits of this totally natural treatment for respiratory and skin conditions. You could be mistaken for thinking that salt therapy is a newly discovered treatment but the truth of the matter is, salt therapy has been used for centuries to treat these conditions.

If we move on to the 19th century and in 1843, Polish physician Felix Boczkowski, carried out a study on men working in the salt mines at Wielicka. His thoughts were confirmed that these men had much fewer respiratory and skin problems than other people who were not exposed to the inhalation of salt dust. As a result of these findings, a halotherapy therapeutic spa was set up in Poland.

During the Second World War, salt mines were used as bomb shelters in Germany and it was noted that people sheltering there had significant improvement with any respiratory problems.

The natural conditions of the salt mines were replicated in the 1950’s by physicians in Eastern Europe along with engineers leading to salt therapy as we know it today. Countless salt therapy rooms are in operation across Europe and Russia with many of them located in hospitals allowing patients to benefit from the therapy within a healthcare setting.

Price £35 for 50 minutes

Halotherapy offers the best results when practiced regularly. The benefits are cumulative where consistency and frequency is the key. People with chronic issues will benefit greatly if visiting salt rooms at least 3-4 times a week. Those who are looking to incorporate Salt Therapy into their regular wellness routine would benefit from a weekly session. Halotherapy is safe to use on a daily basis if desired.